Nissan Navarra


To keep your car working as well as it can be in between services and save you money, be sure to follow this simple maintenance guide.

Maintenance that will keep your car running at its best.


  • Ensure that you check the tyre pressure at least every fortnight (including the spare).
  • Reduce fuel consumption and prolong the life of your tyres by ensuring you have correct tyre pressure.
  • Use the tyre pressure sticker as a guide - located inside your driver’s door or refer to owner’s manual.
  • Only drive on a flat tyre long enough to find somewhere to stop to avoid damage to the rim.
  • Uneven wearing on tyres.
  • Ensure that tyre tread is not worn down as this is a safety concern.
  • Cracks, splits or cuts on the sides of the tyre.
  • Do not remove foreign objects from the tyre such as nails – take it to the service centre.
  • Ensure that tyres are rotated regularly.


  • You may notice that when your air conditioner is running there could be a decrease in engine performance and possibly an increase in fuel consumption.
  • Even in winter you will need to switch on your air conditioner at least once a fortnight to ensure that the components inside remain lubricated.
  • Hearing a slight hissing inside the car when the air conditioner has been turned off is normal.
  • Air conditioning systems need to be re-gassed every now and then so if it is not running as well as it should be take it to your dealer or a licensed air conditioning expert.


  • You need to be checking the oil in your car every week.
  • Check it while the engine is warm.
  • Before checking oil, ensure that your car is sitting on a flat surface so you don’t get a misreading.
  • If car is hot from driving, make sure you wait a few minutes before checking the oil.
  • The appropriate oil to be used in your particular car will be specified in your owner’s manual so follow this to avoid costly damages to your car.
  • Follow the directions in your log book to avoid warranty issues and do not supplement the oil with additives.


  • Check your engine coolant every week.
  • Only use the coolant that is specified in your owner’s manual and always use fresh water to top up your radiator.
  • Do not go over the maximum level when topping it up.
  • Frequently needed top ups of engine coolant could indicate a leak somewhere so be sure to take your car to your dealer if this is happening.


  • Your brake fluid absorbs moisture from the air and heat from the brake system which causes it to deteriorate over time.
  • Brake fluid needs to be changed regularly as it becomes contaminated over time and these contaminants can corrode the systems components.
  • If you notice a sponginess when putting on the brakes.
  • If the brake pedal needs to be pushed further than usual.
  • Leaking fluid.
  • If fluid is discoloured or you notice a burnt odour.
  • If your bakes are pulling to one side or seizing.
  • If you notice a pulsing vibration when using the brakes.
  • Abnormal grinding noise when using brakes.


  • To avoid unnecessary tyre wear ensure that you have regular wheel alignments.
  • Regular wheel alignments will mean your car will handle better on the road and prolong the life of your tyres.


  • Off centre steering wheel.
  • Car pulling to either the left or right side while driving.
  • Uneven tyre wear and tear.
  • Abnormal squealing while taking corners.
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